How to Love Yourself

How to be a better you: If you don't love and respect yourself, it's a sure bet that no one else will. Fortunately, with dedication and plenty of soul-searching, you can learn how to love yourself. Once you do this, you will see that love attracts love. By becoming a more positive, content individual, you will naturally attract others to you and develop more satisfying relationships. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

Surround Yourself With The Right People

How to be a better you: It is a basic fact that you cannot spread yourself effectively around a lot of friends and family; research suggests that outside of our immediate family we have time for approximately an additional five close friends that we can give adequate time and attention to. Average statistics also points to you probably being an average of those five people, your job, income and lifestyle will probably sit in the middle of those people you surround yourself with. So with all of this in mind it doesn't take a genius to work out that if you upgrade the people around you then you will be upgrading your life too. It sounds simplistic and possibly a bit rude and cold but you are probably wasting your time and energy on at least one person that doesn't really deserve it so why not start with upgrading just that person?