How to be a better person

I believe the only way to truly know how to be a better person is to just let go of everything that caused problems or that hurt you in the past. How to be a better person? it happens when you accepted life the way it is and love yourself with all your heart. You the only one that can make yourself a better person, ask yourself how to be a better person, a better me?. People jump in relationships to be happy but that's not how it works. You must first be happy with yourself because if your not than your relationship will fall apart piece by piece. Stop searching for a better person as if it is something outside of you, you need to look for it within yourself. My life wasn't a walk in the park, so I asked myself over and over "How to be a better person". Let me give you some tips for that and the right diet that helped in a big way.

There are plenty of ways to transform to a better person, one is to focus on things that make you better and happy. Stay positive because most people are only focus on the negative things. If you go around continuously thinking about depressing things like "I" was doing, soon or later, you will start to feel pretty lousy. Emotions can be controlled by how you focus on it and what definition you give to things. I read stories about celebs who had pretty much everything and ended up committing suicide. Happiness do not come from external things as you can see.

You want to know How to be a better person? Well I have the answers below.

1.) Center the attention on what you have already and be grateful for it all. Remember there was a point in your life when you did not have those things you have now. Maybe the job, car, relationship, house, friends and ect. See when you focus on what is good in your life don't it make you feel happier.

2.) Try to make making yourself happy easy and you can. Time and again we always place these circumstances on what must happen before we can let ourselves be happy. “If I’m not rich, then I can't be happy." "If I don’t accomplish 12% body fat, then I can't be happy." When you place regulations that make it tough for you to be happy, you will find yourself very I mean very unhappy.

The code of happiness isn't about having everything, its about what little things you can hold on to inside.

3.) Be happy in the expedition of your goals. Instead of demanding to obtain things and achieve goals in order to be happy in life. Why not be happy while you chase your goals. In my words, try not to seek happiness, happily seek. In other words, enjoy your journey, not just the destination but experiencing what you love is a whole lot easier.

Simply knowing how to be a better person comes down to realizing that you can allow yourself to be happy by letting go of all circumstances that you have allowed society to place on yourself. The situation in this and that has to happen before come to feeling happy will only make being happy impossible. Go for goals and dreams, but don't position your happiness on whether or not you achieve those goals. I set small goals first like my weight loss and I completed it because I wanted it bad. After all, isn't the principle of life is to be happy? If so, stop chasing it and just be.


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