how to stop being lazy

Laziness can easily pervade your life if you are not careful. It will strike when you have an important task or project that you need to get done but there is a voice in your head saying just sit on the couch for a little bit longer and before you know it the whole day is gone. Laziness is a state learned helplessness in which you simply ignore the thing that you should do even though you have the ability to accomplish them. In this article I want to provide you with some tips on how you can stop being lazy.
The first thing to do is to deal with that little voice inside your head that is standing in the way of you getting something done and telling you no. The thing to understand is that this is nothing more than a mind state and that it can be altered when you decide to do so. A trick that I like to use to break free of this is to force myself to start on the project I am working on by doing the simplest aspect of it first. This gets me into a rhythm and helps me recognize that the work wasn't as bad as I had originally thought it was.
Another way to conquer laziness is to get in tune with the fluctuations of your energy levels throughout the day. Often time you will feel tired at some point in the day which only fuels your lazy feelings. The problem is that most of the time you are not really tired. Some quick exercise can get the blood flowing in your body and provide you with the energy boost to get going.
Knowing why you have to complete the task ahead of you is important. Sometimes you lose sight of the overall goal that you are working on when you get bogged down in the individual steps of the process. Trying to lose weight can be difficult because some days you don't want to work out even thought you really do want to accomplish your overall goal of losing weight. Start to think of what you want to get done and realize that these small steps will get you where you want to go.
Most of us have more than one task to accomplish in the span of a day and the indecisiveness of what to start working on first can prolong your procrastination and laziness. Choosing one thing to work on at a time will give you the focus you need to work straight through on that task and put everything else on the back burner until it is time for you to move on.
Working for too long can burn you out and hinder your creativity. In order to stop being lazy sometimes it is necessary to take a break or reward yourself for the work you have already put in. Getting in the habit of rewarding yourself after your work gives you something to look forward to and changes the state of your mind where you can just relax and not worry about the tasks you must do.
Overcoming laziness means that you are going to have to sometimes just force yourself to do the task that you don't want to do. You come to find that the thing you dread the most isn't always as bad as you had it cracked up to be. It can be beneficial that you simply act and not think about what you have to do. Once you get going laziness seems to fade away rather quickly