Sacred Heart Diet Soup Recipe

Below is given the 7-day Sacred Heart Diet schedule that can be followed by aspirants wishing to quickly reduce some pounds:

The Sacred Heart Diet wipes out the upcoming food items:
o alcohol
o bread
o carbonated beverages like soda pops and diet sodas
o fried foods

Drinks in which are permitted are:

o coffee
o skim milk
o unsweetened fruit juices
o tea and herbal teas
o a lot of water

The materials involving the sacred heart diet soup vary.
Below are typical ingredients:

o green onions
o beef broth
o soup mix
o celery
o green beans
o carrots
o green peppers
o stewed tomatoes
o potatoes

All veggies should be chopped in to little pieces and also covered in water and after that moved to a boil and cooked over high heat for ten minutes and then the vegetables should be simmered until tender. Salt and pepper, parsley, curry powder and bouillon can be used for seasoning if so desired.

The Sacred Heart Diet lasts 7 days

•    On Day 1 - You can have any fruit except bananas. Only eat fruit and soup this day.
•    On Day 2 - You can eat all vegetables. These can be cooked, canned, or raw. Try to stay away from starchy vegetables (such as corn and potatoes) and try to eat as many leafy greens as you can (kale, lettuce, romaine etc).
•    On Day 3 - You can eat all the veggie soup and fruit you want, but stay away from starchy vegetables such as potatoes.
•    On Day 4 - On this day the focus is potassium. You need to eat at least 3 bananas on this day and drink milk, along with soup.
•    On Day 5 - On this day you can eat beef. Have no more than 20 oz of beef throughout the day. This will be eaten with tomatoes, no more than six. Have the normal soup at least once on this day
•    On Day 6 - You can eat as much beef and vegetables as you like. Eat no starchy vegetables and try to incorporate leafy greens into your diet today. Make sure to have the soup once on this day at least.
•    On Day 7 - You are to eat fruits that are unsweetened, vegetables, soup, and brown rice until you're satisfied.

Enjoy your weight loss and good luck!